Owner's Review #7 : Rolex Oysterquartz

Ref. 17000 Buckley Dial

There’s no need to present again Rolex as a watch brand as it is probably THE most known and famous watch company in the world. But not a lot of people are aware about the one we are going to discuss about in the following lines : the Oysterquartz.

Yes, Rolex did watches with a quartz movement.

But what is so special about this timepiece ?

The production of the Oysterquartz started back in 1976, after 5 years developing their meca-quartz movement. It has an escapement anchor and escapement wheel, the same as a mechanical movement, but powered by a quartz movement. A movement more precise than never, unique, one that was thought as the future.

Why buying this watch ?

During the 25 years of production, only 25 000 watches were made, what makes it a rare one to own.

It’s a quartz Rolex, an important part of the watchmaking history, as all brands went for quartz movement during the crisis. Mine is from 1978.

It sizes 36 mm and as a small wrist guy, it’s the perfect size to me.

But the main reason I decided to buy this watch is because of its unique design, the only Rolex with a full integrated bracelet. In fact, the Ref 17000 is a full steel piece, where the bracelet is following the lines of the case. With a white Buckley dial, roman numbers, it’s a beautiful elegant sport watch.

I was looking to buy my first watch with a bigger budget, and this one was raising its eyes to me, but since I wanted to try it on before buying, none of the boutiques or resellers near my location had one. But one day, in Geneva, one Oysterquartz appeared. I called straight away to reserve it. I went to the reseller (Ponti in Geneva City Center), put it on my wrist and fell directly in love. It was a favorite. I said « wow I’ll take it » and I went home with the watch, happy as never before.

After one year on the wrist

It has been almost one year from now since I got the watch and I’m still completely in love with it. The design is timeless and it fits perfectly my wrist, 36 mm being the perfect size for my small wrist. I know I will never sell this one, it was a favorite and it will stay the way it is.

I’m even more happy with this piece as I get a lot of compliments about it, it’s a rare one, charming, not well known and special, weird for some people, but it’s what I am more and more looking for when it comes to purchase a new watch. I need to feel the watch, like it and it’s what’s happening with this one.

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