Owner's Review #6 : The Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph

Historical reminder

Hamilton is an American watch brand founded in Pennsylvania in 1892. Initially, the first Hamilton watches were called "Watch of Railroad Accuracy" by the employees. Thanks to the then unparalleled precision and reliability, the American Railroad Watches ended a series of fatal accidents and marked the beginning of the American railroad epic. 

At first, in 1923, half of Hamilton's production was devoted to railway employees. 

After many years of production in the USA, it stopped in 1969, after the merger of the brand with first “A.Huguenin Fils SA” and then “SSIH” (Tissot and Omega). 

Since 1985, the brand has been part of the Swatch Group. 

Historical design and “Hollywood”

Historically, Hamilton has two great inspirations for the design of their watches: the air force and the US army. 

The first Hamilton watch straps were worn by General John Pershing and his troops during the First World War. 

During World War II, Hamilton completely ceased production of civilian watches in order to concentrate on ordering one million chronographs for the Marines. The Hamilton marine chronometer was the first to be produced using industrial manufacturing methods. 

In the aviation field, in 1919, the aeronautical chronograph was responsible for the first air postal service between NY and Washington. 

By 1930, Hamilton was the official watch brand of Trans World Airlines, Eastern Air Lines, United Airlines and Northwest.

Hamilton watches are also known to appear regularly in the cinema. 

Some of the best known films include Men in Black, Fight Club, Independence Day, 2001 Space Odyssey and Interstellar.

Story behind this purchase :

It is always said that you need a first time. 

This Hamilton was given to me for my 18th birthday. At the time, it was not my first watch: I already had a Swatch, like many young people of my age. 

On the other hand, it is the watch to which I owe my passion for watchmaking and the creation of Watches&Coffee at the same time. 

As soon as I received this watch, I started to find out first about the brand, then about the movements, the inspirations of the designers of the different brands, etc. I was very impressed by the quality of the watch and the way it was designed. 

It was also this watch that guided me in my first purchase, which you could discover in Owner's Review #1.  

It is true that finding the link between a Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph and a Rolex Oyster Perpetual is complicated. But as I certainly said in my first article, my purchases are also reflected in the history of the brand and the model of the watch.

Why this watch ?

When I asked my parents why they chose this particular watch, and not another, I often got several answers. 

On the mother's side, it was the colour between the strap and the dial that pleased at first glance. 

On my father's side, the answer is a little more complex: at the beginning, long before this purchase, my parents had two models in mind. The Hamilton and a Nomos Glashütte Tangente. My father, although he is not a relentless enthusiast, knows the world of watchmaking and especially the history behind each brand. His choice was therefore Hamilton. 

The D-Day :

I received it on my birthday, and it is not a gift I was expecting. So it was a total surprise. 

Besides the smile on my face there was excitement. 

I opened the box and put the watch directly on my wrist. Since then, I wore it every day for 2 years. 

The futur 

This watch is my 18th birthday watch. It is a gift from my parents that I regularly wear on my wrist, and I know it will always be in my collection. If I only had to keep one, I would keep this one.

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