Owner's Review #4 : The Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon

Before starting my own story, here is a bit of history behind the Speedmaster. Every watch enthusiast knows the speedmaster as the first watch on the moon. The Speedy is an iconic model which has been the same true the years since 1957 with the CK2915. Of course the technical elements evolve but the design stay the same. At the beginning this watch wasn’t known as the moonwatch but as a sports and racing chronograph which make sense given the name Speedmaster. It’s only in 1969 that the Speedmaster became the first watch on the moon and took a big place in the watch history.

Now that we have a bit of background behind the Speedmaster, I will tell you my story.

When I talk about watches, I’m a youngster. My passion for watches is let’s say quite recent. I’ve been really interested in this world almost 8-9 years ago when my father showed me the pocket watch that he inherited from my great grandfather. A very simple Lip. At this moment, I understood that this is typically the kind of object that you keep generation to generation in your family. It’s a timeless object which remembers your loved ones and the great moments you spent with them. And from here my passion was born.

Back in 2015, at this period I was a student and it was not possible to afford any of the watches I dreamed about. 2015 was the year of my 20 years old and my parents wanted to mark the occasion by offering me something very special. I remember my father asking me « what is your favorite watch of the moment » and I was like, there is so many but the one that I like the most is the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon (DSOTM). But, at this moment I didn’t think a second that it will be my birthday present. Came the D-Day, My parents gave me that box and when I opened it, it was for me like a dream. I never thought a second it was true, I was dreaming, I almost cried, it was so special. Today I’m really lucky to own this watch and I’m so thankful to my parents for this amazing present. Today the sentimental value of this watch is very special and I will for sure keep this piece of art till the next generation of my family.

Back to the Speedy DSOTM. I agree, it’s not the standard Speedmaster but a specific version with an automatic caliber, the co-axial 9300. The watch is coming with a date function and a double-register chronograph layout.

What I really like with this watch is the contrast between the index markers, hands and the black ceramic case which gives the watch a stunning look. The proportion are perfect even if the case is a 44.25mm. If you are not a connoisseur, you don’t even notice it’s an Omega, it’s quite discrete and this is what I like.

I’m wearing the watch every day for any occasion since 2015 and I’m in love with it. I recently bought a black nato strap which gives the watch a brand new look !

Talking about my next watch. To be honest I really like iconic watches and specially watches with a true story behind the model. That’s why, I want to find a great looking classic Submariner No Date. The look of a 5513 is amazing with a great patina but to be honest it’s too expensive. Therefore, I’m looking for a 14060 Tritium dial which will gives a nice patina over the years. The sub is an iconic watch known by every watch enthusiast but it’s a classic and timeless piece of art for the global watch history.

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