Owner's Review #2

The Brand : TID Watch

TID, meaning « time » in Swedish, is a watch brand based in Stockholm, focusing on materials and details to produce minimalistic watches.

Why buying this watch ?

As a product designer, I’ve always loved watches for the beautiful object they are, the way they look on the wrist and the emotions they can give to people.

I’m first looking at the design of a watch rather than the beating heart, quartz, solar or mechanical, it’s not the first criteria for me, even if I’m fascinated and amazed by the craftsmanship and beauty in watchmaking mechanics.

This is why I bought the TID n°3. I discovered this one thanks to the designers of this model, Form Us With Love, that I was following on Instagram and the first impression about this object for me was like « wow this is so cool ».

I went deep into this watch and what I liked a lot it’s all the small details that make it different and really nice to me.

The watch

The crown at 9 o’clock, the circle at the end of the second hand surrounding the second marks, and of course the plastic transparent case.

The amount of straps available stood out for me as I really like to change what I’m wearing on my wrist. Going from a silicon strap, to leather and fabric, those straps are really easy to change thanks to the design of the lugs, wearing the strap the same way as Zulu straps, going under the watch.

This watch is totally versatile and you can wear it all

seasons never looking the same !

I have a lot of good comments on this one and I will never get tired of it !

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