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Historical reminder: "Oyster" before "Perpetual"

It was in 1926 that Rolex released the first waterproof wristwatch, then simply called "Oyster". Ahead of its time, it will be the beginning of the story of many of the brand's successes in the future.

The “Perpetual”, which will not arrive until 5 years later, will mark the beginning of the first waterproof automatic watches from the manufacturer.

Today, when you buy an Oyster Perpetual, you becomes the owner not only of a Rolex, but also of the first waterproof automatic watch in the world!

Credit :, Rolex Oyster 1926.

Behind this purchase:

Let's go back 3 years ago: 19 years old, passionate, and a dream: start a small watch collection.

It was in 2017 that I set myself the goal of having my first Rolex before my 21st birthday.

Still a student, I had no other choice: I had to work alongside my studies to be able to access my dream.


April 12, 2019. After careful consideration and 2 years of waiting, it only took me 2 days for my dream to come true. Knowing that my purchase was possible and keeping my budget in mind, I had several choices, including the latest Air King, the Explorer I and the Oyster Perpetual 39.

I fell in love with the so-called “rhodium” dial with blue accents, which inspired me youth and discretion, but besides the color, it was also the simplicity and versatility of this watch that guided my choice. I wear it daily, regardless of my dress mood.

The best way to describe this purchase is a situation that every enthusiast knows: you look at your wrist and you smile.

What’s next ?  

It will never be sold and neither replaced.

If I had to look for a pair for this watch, I would try to find a nice ref. 6619 from 1926, which would make a historical link in my collection. This will allow me to juggle between modern and vintage watches. 

I also have two other purchases planned in the coming years, for which I am extremely impatient.

More soon...

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